Motorola ATRIX MB860 (Unlocked Quadband) 4G Touchscreen GSM Cell Phone
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Motorola ATRIX MB860 (Unlocked Quadband) 4G Touchscreen GSM Cell Phone

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Motorola ATRIX 4G (Unlocked Quadband) Touchscreen GSM Cell PhoneIf you have been looking for a phone that may act like your personal computer, here is the amazing option for your. Motorola Atrix MB860 4G is an amazing phone which delivers the best of power and performance, when it comes to mobile computing and at the same time, it fits comfortably in your pocket. With the help of Motorola Atrix MB860, you know have the freedom to browse the web browser, and access all of your crucial emails, photos, movies and other files while moving about with your phone.

Below we shall discuss various features of Motorola Atrix MB860 phone.

Impeccable security features – the Motorola Atrix is pretty smart on the security front. It has a finger print recognition technology, which means that only the one with the registered finger print can access it. This security feature is faster and enhances and obviously is superior to password or PIN lock systems.

Dual core technology – just like your computer, even the processor of Motorola Atrix MB860 is dual core and hence makes everything appear much faster. Just like you computer, you can easily listen to your choice of music, browser internet and send emails etc, effortlessly, with the help of this phone.

Clear display – the display of the phone is amazing and simply spectacular, with its crisp and rich 24 but color and qHD display for the smart phone. With this kind of display, the phone gets remarkable clarity and you get to enjoy this feature while playing games, watching TV shows, pictures and images and a lot more.

Face to face conversations – if you really need to make an urgent face to face call, you can easily do that with your Motorola Atrix MB860 4G phone. With its front facing camera, Motorola Atrix supports face to face chats and hence you can switch to the video mode with its 5 mega pixel camera.

Big screen clarity for HD videos – with the help of Motorola Atrix, you can watch you favorite shows on computer or big screen or on your phone. Also, you get to watch videos in High Definition.

PC connections and we surfing – Motorola Atrix allows you to easily access your computer, through any remote location. Also, you can easily surf the internet and enjoy a rich web browsing experience with the help of its web top application.

End note – thus, for all of your business and recreational purposes, get Motorola Atrix MB860 4G phone ASAP.

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