Text Message Will Always Be The King Of Messaging!

It is 2016, and we all are enjoying the smartness of our smartphones. Our cell phones have become smartphones, and we were using the smartness of it altogether. Acc. To me, some apps have gained so much popularity that everyone in the world is using them nowadays. Let’s take the example of some messaging apps and the list starts with the one of the most downloaded and useful app WhatsApp. (If you still didn’t have the app get it now). The Facebook attains the second position, or you can say Facebook Messenger. These apps are always there in smartphones if the user is smart enough, but there is one more app or service which you can see in every smartphone or cellphone throughout the world, and that is TEXT MESSAGE app.We can say text message or SMS service is the father of all these new apps like WhatsApp etc. So as we know, the father is always better than its siblings. In the following post, I will show you some major significant benefits of Text messages over these smart apps of smartphones.

The Real King: Text messaging by default.

If you want to use a chat app, you must have a smartphone and an internet connection so that you can download the apps likes WhatsApp, Facebook in your phone or some cases you may have to buy it. Then deal with updating the software whenever ever new update comes. On the other hand, text messaging comes preinstalled on every cell phone which is there in the market. The best part of text messaging app is No internet connection, no downloads or no regular updates. It is so easy that anyone can use it from a child to an old man.

 Quick and easy job: Sending a text message

93% of the population of the world have a cell phone in their pocket so they can send and receive text messages. A user of smartphone who uses the different messaging apps to communicate with the various groups can find it a little bit careful while switching among the various interfaces of apps. However, when we use text messaging they are streamlined and tidy and very simple to use.

You can depend on TEXT message: Reliability

You must have a working internet connection to use messaging apps properly. If you face a problem with your internet, then the app performance will go down. However, In the case of text messaging which relies on satellite signals which are almost 100% in today’s world.

Security: Text message always secure

Messaging’s apps like Facebook and WhatsApp and many others are totally connected with the internet, and the risk of data loss is very high in their case. Moreover, the messaging apps often ask for the permission of the user to access user data like the gallery, contacts, location, etc. However, in the case of text messaging spam is not possible as carriers and telecom industry regulate all the services.

Now as a conclusion I will only say that messaging apps are a trend and trends die out after some time, a chatting app which is famous today was unheard five years ago and can unheard after some years, but text messaging was there ten years ago, still there and will remain there in future.