Cellhut.Com Has Just Changed Its Logo After 16 Years

Cellhut is one of the well-known e-commerce websites selling mobile phones, using their website as a platform. They deal in the selling of unlocked cell phones, and mobile accessories. They are partnered with several companies and offer cellphones of various well-known companies. They are renowned for their low prices, and offers, which are changed in short intervals. They provide coupon codes, and several deals on special occasions, such as festivals.

New Logo

The company has changed their logo after a long 16 years. The new logo utilizes a more simple Sans Serif font, with additional details about the company listed below it. The typographic logo design is kept to the minimum, and the new logo arrived with the new year.


Customer Satisfaction

Cellhut.com take pride in providing the best services to their customers, and make sure that they are known for their customer satisfaction. They have a dedicated customer support team, which is readily available for the customers, and can solve or give answer to any of the customer’s query. They are well-versed in all aspects of their products, and can help the customer in any kind of situation.

Huge Catalogue

The company has a huge list of devices, which are all readily available for sale. All of these can be purchased by going onto their website, and choosing the phone you like. Cellhut.com deals in unlocked cellphones, which means that there is no contract or monthly premium, which needs to be paid. You can buy the phone at full price, or discounted price, in case of an offer, and use the phone with any company’s SIM.

Deals & Offers

Another thing, which the company is greatly known for are its offers and deals. Cellhut.com acknowledges the need of their customers, and offers the best deals to them. This consists daily deals, special deals, coupon codes, phone bundles and much more. Regardless of what day or time you visit the website, you will be able to find various phones listed under the daily deals categories. All of these phones will be available at a discounted price, with their respective coupon codes available under the products. Likewise, people who wish to get more than one device, for them, their family or colleagues, can purchase phone bundles.

At time of festivals and special occasions, Cellhut.com makes sure to make it even more special by offering extra heavy discounts on their products.


Cellhut.com also offers various additional benefits to their customers, like doorstep delivery of the products, easy purchase methods, such as credit cards, or cash of delivery (COD). The security and privacy of the customer is also kept in mind, due to which the company uses encrypted portals, while dealing with sensitive information.

Cellhuthas been built up their business and has been providing its services in the USA since 1996. The website has a wide-range of products listed, and offer a variety of international unlocked GSM dual-band, tri-band and quad-band cellphones. These can be used worldwide by using different GSM operators/carriers. Moreover, Cellhut.com is also indulged in the selling of genuine and authentic accessories for cellular devices.