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Latest Press Release Unlocked Phones On Sale During Black Friday Cellhut is pleased to announce Black Friday discounts on some very cool unlocked phones. This is definitely the highlight of the year for the company and for anyone else who wants to save a lot of money on unlocked phones.

With the year coming to an end there are a lot of phones available on the market and some huge manufacturers are looking to push the boundaries of technological innovation. Companies like Samsung and LG are just two examples of business that know how to create a device hat will get people excited. Towards the holiday season these businesses release new devices that send everyone reeling. Meanwhile, the older models go on sale to everyone's benefit.

Samsung Chat 527 Unlocked for $149.99

Sometimes all you really need is a phone that gets the job done. This ia pretty bare bones device, but that's all right because it is easy and fun to use! It work on a 2G band, has a 2 Megapixel Camera, uses a Microsd slot for expanded memory and also has internal memory as well so you don't need to go out and buy a separate card.

Most online retailers simply sell phones and don't really care about the customer past that. Cellhut is different. The customer service lines are open so that people can get in contact with the company at any point during the ordering process to ensure that the device they are getting is exactly the one they need.
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