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Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Like New Condition

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Like New Condition


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Latest Press Release The Newest LG and Sony Phones Are Coming Soon from Cellhut This summer’s lineup of phones keeps getting hotter with each week as new phones are being announced. Now LG and Sony have upped the ante with their own products that combine fantastic style and reliable technology. All these phones are available unlocked on either the Tri-Band or Quad-Band frequencies.

Cellhut is one of the most reliable sellers of unlocked phones on the internet. Their steady track record has earned them a constant stream of customers who return to the website because they know they are getting a good deal. Since 1996, has been the go to site for the best deals and biggest selection of unlocked phones.

LG’s new line of phones emphasizes a more fashion-focused style than previous model, especially with the KF750 Secret which is a marvel to behold. Sony, with the G700 Business Edition, gives productivity a new look.

There are four LG phones in pre-order status and orders should be placed for these phones because they are sure to be in high demand.

The LG CU915 Vu is the perfect solution for people who want to watch television on the go. AT&T Mobile TV and EDGE connectivity take care of that. The LG KF750/755 are surprisingly beautiful slider phones. From the Black Label Line these ultra slim phones can take video at 120fps. The LG KC550 is a compact phone that features a 5 Megapixel Camera for sharp pictures. The LG KF240 is an entry-level slider phone that will surely streamline your life.

Sony has two phones featured in the coming soon status at Cellhut and both of them perform very vital roles.

The Sony Ericsson S302 is a candybar phone that weighs very little but has fantastic features such as a 2 Megapixel Camera and a MicroSD slot. The G700 Business Edition combines 3G connectivity with productivity features that anyone who is concerned with making the most of their time should have.

These unlocked phones and other are available from Cellhut at

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