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Latest Press Release The Latest Phone and Accesory Releases Are Available At Cellhut May 7, 2010 --
Taking advantage of new releases is more than just finding out which phones are new and which ones aren't, its a matter of deciding which phone is right in your price range and going from there. Just because a device has all the latest features doesn't mean that its a correct phone for you, there are many reasons why a person wouldn't want a complicated phone, usability is one reason. Cellhut has dedicated guides on how to purchase a phone and the decisions that go into it.
The customer service department is there to help out with the decision-making process to ensure that you get a product that is a right fit for you. The telephone line is open for most of the day in order to help you choose which product is the best for you.
Some of the phones featured in the sale include: Motorola Slvr L6 Silver (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone.for $54.99
Motorola Z3 Rizr Red (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Slider Cell Phone for $82.99
Motorola invented this unique slider phone to deliver nothing but the best  
This Motorola has imbibed unique slider design in this unlocked GSM phone. This dynamic international phone comes with a complete package of innovative technology. What’s unique about this unlocked phone is all features are active whether this slider-phone is in open or closed position. Samsung GT C3050 / C3053 Stratus (Unlocked Quadband) Slider Cell Phone With Mobile Tracker for $74.99 Stylish and sleek compact modern size mobile phone with ergonomic grip. Samsung C3050's large 2 inch LCD offers a vivid viewing of the mobile’s contents.
This and other unlocked phones are available from Cellhut at www.cellhut.com
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