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Latest Press Release Spring Season Unlocked Phone Available At Cellhut Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Manufacturers are
always putting new versions of devices that were just recently released
so it is a little difficult keeping up with the latest releases. Cellhut
is proud to do something they have never attempted before to make sure
that customers stay up to date with phone releases: the are keeping in
stock all of the newest unlocked phones and accessories.

This feat can only be accomplished by a company that has a history of
delivering quality products and services for years. This is what Cellhut
has been able to for the past decade and will continue to do for their
customers. Customer satisfaction is the company's number one priority
and Cellhut fulfills every order with an exactitude that no other online
retailer can match.

Some of the biggest manufacturers are releasing phones this Spring and
Cellhut will definitely be on top of their release dates. Expect the
latest touch-screen phones from Sony Ericsson and HTC.

Below is one of the latest unlocked phones to be featured on the

Sony Ericsson Unlocked X8 for $209.99

This budget phone does more than would be expected of phones in the same
price range. Thankfully the Android operating system is up to the
challenge. Games and business are handled very well on the phone so even
though there might be the opportunity for entertainment, business also
takes a high priority.

This and other great unlocked phones are available from Cellhut this
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