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Select your 'Certified Pre-Owned 84 point Inspected like-new' smartphone

We offer iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 'Certified Pre-Owned smartphones 84 point Inspected Like-New'”, with one year warranty

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Like New Condition

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Like New Condition


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Latest Press Release Save Big with Fourth of July Cell Phone Savings from Cellhut Until the fourth of July when fireworks are shot into the air, the chance to save on the latest phones is available only from Cellhut. RIM, Nokia, and Sony phones are on sale with hundreds of dollars off in savings. Many of the phones featured in the sale take advantage of 3G connectivity which means that as phone companies utilize the connection, data transfers will become much faster.

Cellhut has been selling unlocked cellphones for many years now and has earned the trust of many customers through a superior combination of product selection and low prices.

There are two phones in the sale that best represent how useful technology can be in day to day life. If productivity is the aim of the day then these phones will prove indispensable to the user who needs to get a lot of work done.

First is the Nokia E71 available to pre-order for $999.98. As one of the slimmest smartphones on the market this phone is very easy to slip into the pocket. The features of this phone are many and are guaranteed to speed up the rate at which work is done. With Push Email that sends email from your inbox to the phone you’ll be able to read and respond to mail while on the go. A wi-fi connection allows the user to access information on the web instantly. A GPS connection will keep you on track even when you travel off the beaten path. The 3.2 Megapixel Camera will take pictures in very clear quality.

Up next is the Samsing i900 Omnia, a touchscreen phone available for pre-order. At 12.5mm thin this is a very portable phone and can easily be slung around. The touchscreen interface is the focal point here and it really doesn’t disappoint. The screen is spacious and allows the user to view many options at once. The great 5 Megapixel camera takes pictures in superior quality and has an autofocus feature the ensures the pictures will be sharp. Some other great features include a MicroSD slot to increase storage capacity and a wi-fi connection to browse the internet.

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