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Select your 'Certified Pre-Owned 84 point Inspected like-new' smartphone

We offer iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 'Certified Pre-Owned smartphones 84 point Inspected Like-New'”, with one year warranty

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Like New Condition

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Like New Condition


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Latest Press Release Motorola’s Linux Smartphones Available to Pre-Order from Cellhut Through the month of July until the Motorola smartphones are released, Cellhut is taking pre-orders for these new Linux-based smartphones. The market has typically been dominated by Windows Mobile phones which have offered users an easy to way to streamline their life, but now Linux is available as an OS which offers a whole new way to interact with a smartphone.

Cellhut has been at the forefront of cellular technologies. Since 1996, the company has offered consistently low prices and a vast selection, coupled with a knowledgeable customer service department that makes shopping with Cellhut a joy.

Three of Motorola’s Linux-based smartphones are available to pre-order from Cellhut and at special discounted prices.

The Motorola A1600 and A1800 are available for $599.99 and $699.99 respectively. They both feature a 2.4-inch touchscreen with a plastic cover to protect the screen from damage. Each of them features MicroSD slots, Bluetooth connections, and FM tuners. The 3.15 Megapixel cameras also have an autofocus feature which ensures that the pictures they take will be sharp.

These phones have one major difference between them and will be very beneficial to people who like to travel. The A1800 features a Tri-Band GSM and 800-Frequency CDMA connection, while the A1600 is a Quad-Band GSM phone.

The Motorola A810 is available to pre-order for $649.99. This phone combines a fast processor with streamlined looks for a smartphone that overcomes all expectations. Its lightweight, has a touchscreen, and MicroSD slot which makes the A810 a wonderfully capable smartphone.

These phones are available from Cellhut at Please visit the website for more information.

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