Unlocked Phones And You!

Cellhut carries one of the largest selections of Unlocked Phones available. To take advantage of the many choices at your disposal, it is important to know a little bit about the technology behind Unlocked GSM Phones and SIM cards.

GSM Phones

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and was offered commercially in 1991. Aside from CDMA technology, this is one of the most common transmission technologies. GSM phones require a SIM card to be used and these cards store all of the users’ information such as contacts and productivity entries. AT&T is the most popular provider and thanks to third-party services, people are able to send text messages to each other. GSM is the standard in Europe and Asia which just proves its resilience in any situation.

SIM Card

Essentially a memory chip that can be transported from one phone to another, this is the secret to GSM’s success. Any compatible phone can have a SIM card inserted into it and can be used just as if it were your own phone. Providers issue upgrades to SIM cards every few years and a simple telephone call transfers all your information from one card to another. The Unlocked Phones industry relies on GSM phones and their SIM cards to allow users to use any phone as long as it has the required slot.

To use an Unlocked Phones simply take the SIM card out of your current GSM and pop it into the new device and away you go! Let Cellhut welcome you into the wide world of Unlocked Phones and Accessories.