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Elmo TT-02s Classroom Visual Presenter

Elmo TT-02s Classroom Visual Presenter

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The Elmo TT-02s is a compact visual presenter designed specifically for educational applications. Launch your presentations into the 21st century by engaging students with the digital technology that surrounds them during their daily lives. Studies show that information can be more easily retained through the use of digital images.

The TT-02s is small enough to be highly portable while packing a wide array of features guaranteed to help teachers create a lasting impression. The TT-02s has the added benefit of increasing overall student enjoyment which can often result in higher test scores. This presenter can interface with a wide variety of displays including televisions and digital projectors, as well as being able to input directly from a laptop or PC computer.

Key Features

Intuitive Controls
The TT-02s is designed to be simple and straightforward. You don't have to be a "tech-wizard" to get this thing going. The button layout is logical and intuitive, making it easy to control. This ease of use allows teachers to focus entirely on their students.
Microscope Compatible
One nifty feature is the TT-02s ability to hook up directly to a microscope. This can be incredibly effective for biology lectures at any level. Simply attach the camera in the same manner you'd use the microscope otherwise, switch to the microscope mode, and you are ready to go!
Illumination Auto Adjustment
The TT-02s is designed with a built-in sensor to detect the amount of light within a room. The unit will automatically adjust to variations in lighting conditions; less fumbling with controls translates into more time directed towards your presentation.
Highly Versatile
The TT-02s can record 20 frames per second in video mode, which can be very useful for live action teaching. Images will appear with smooth motion, allowing teachers' to facilitate the learning process with more of a "hands-on" approach. Additionally, it has a removable stage that can be used to annotate without directly marking documents, preserving them for later use.

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