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Select your 'Certified Pre-Owned 84 point Inspected like-new' smartphone

We offer iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 'Certified Pre-Owned smartphones 84 point Inspected Like-New'”, with one year warranty

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Like New Condition

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

Like New Condition


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Latest Press Release Cellhut Supports The OHA and is Committed to Stocking Android Phones The Open Handset Alliance, a group of technology and mobile companies are on the forefront of offering consumers a mobile world devoted to openness. Android is the Operating System that the newly launched G1 phone manufactured by HTC uses and is available from T-Mobile. This is just the first step in the OHA’s dedication to providing open devices that anyone can tinker with. The Android Market is available for people to create applications and sell them to other users. This open environment fosters an attitude towards creativity that inspires people to work towards a more efficient. Releases made by the OHA and devices powered by Android will be available on Cellhut.

Cellhut has been selling unlocked phones since 1996. Committed to stocking the largest selection of unlocked phones at the best prices, Cellhut ensures that the products offered are ready to ship. With a customer service department that researches the latest mobile releases and is constantly up to date on what technology is available.

Cellhut stocks the latest unlocked phones and accessories with a focus on which manufacturers are popular and selling well. Anytime the Open Handset Alliance releases another device or an Android-Powered phone is available on the market, Cellhut will be one of the first venues to stock it.

The T-Mobile Google G1 is available for $499.99 and is the vanguard effort from HTC to produce a phone that utilizes the Android operating system to its full extent. With both a touch-screen and a QWERTY keyboard, this phone takes a hint from the T-Mobile sidekick with its flip out keyboard. Everything is easier with this phone including surfing the web and cheking e-mail with the inclusion of Gmail accounts pre-loaded, the user can instantly log-in without the hassle of navigating to another webpage. The Android market is the center for purchasing separate Android applications and widgets in order to streamline their life. This is the hub of the Android operating system and is what makes the

The OHA is a group dedicated to making the use of mobile devices less reliant on what the producer deems necessary. The devices recommended by the OHA are engineered to be flexible and become a part of the user’s lifestyle more intricately.

The Kogan Agora is most likely the next mobile device to be available with Android, sadly there have been delays in the release of this phone.

Phones that support Android and other unlocked phones are available from Cellhut at

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