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Latest Press Release Cellhut Releases the Latest Unlocked Phone Savings Including Free Headsets
Cellhut's Drive Safe Campaign is well underway and everyday more and more people are learning about the dangers of driving while holding a cellphone. It is against the law in some states and people found driving with a phone will be fined a certain amount. Cellhut is doing everything it can to spread information about the many ways you can prevent hazardous driving conditions.

Cellhut has been selling unlocked phones since 1996. No other company knows the ins and outs of the unlocked phone business more carefully than Cellhut. With one of the largest selections of unlocked and accessories available online, the website is definitely a one stop shop for wireless needs.

Bluetooth headsets are one of the best ways to drive while carrying on a conversation. Simply pair them up with your cellphone and you can get in touch with your contacts with ease. Bluetooth technology has become such a standard now that all phone utilize it. Headsets come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the best performing ones are from the manufacturers: Jabra and Motorola.


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