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Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked (Certified Pre-Owned)

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Apple iPhone 6S Certified Pre-Owned 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

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Latest Press Release Cellhut Presents the Top 5 Cell Phones to Buy with Tax Refunds New York, NY, April 30, 2008 -- Since tax refunds are almost here its time to decide which phone is worth our newfound funds. Cellhut has seen cell phone technologies come and go since the six years it has been in business but never has there been a better time to buy a phone because the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons will bear witness to new advances in technology from the dependable brands Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and Motorola. In most cases the brands expand upon existing lines by adding more Megapixels to the camera or redesigning the look of a phone. One technology that the companies are adopting is the use of a touch-screen to increase the interactivity between the user and their cellphone. Although touch-screen technology wasn’t pioneered by Apple’s iPhone, it was the product that streamlined the technology and made it a commercialized hit.

Another technology to keep in mind in the coming months is the 3G wireless signal which will increase the speed at which multimedia is transmitted to phones. It won’t necessarily make call reception any clearer but will be instrumental in keeping phone customers entertained.

There are three criteria for the phones chosen to be the Top 5. The first requirement is that they must have the style and technology that enables them to useful for years to come. The second requirement is that they must be 3G compatible which represents the future of wireless connectivity. The final requirement is that they take advantage of the most up to date technology.

1. Sony Xperia X1: The finest example of what can happen when two great cell phone manufactures come together and combine their best aspects. Sony is set to release the Xperia, which was made by HTC, during the summer and it promises to be an excting combination of the best technologies available. A slide out QWERTY keyboard, VGA touch-screen, and Microsoft Office 6 OS make this a fully functional smartphone perfect for any occasion.

2. Samsung F490: Samsung’s fully touch-screen phone that takes many design cues from the Apple iPhone. 3G connectivity, EDGE, and a 5 Megapixel camera are just some of the highlights of this phone that will surely be a big hit this Summer.

3. Sony Ericsson W980: Another phone available from Sony, this time through the Ericsson line the focuses on multimedia capabilities. This flip phone eschews the typical bar style that previous models have used in order to offer the user more control options. The W980 is an essential media phone that will have users going crazy over.

4. Nokia N96: While this phone doesn’t have a touch-screen feature, its got every other area covered. 16 Gigs of hard disk space and integrated video-playback are just a few of the aspects that Nokia includes with this phone. The N series has been a very strong series and the N96 is the culmination of all the strongest features.

5. Samsung G400: The G400 takes last place simply because it isn’t as technologically advanced as the other phones but makes the Top 5 because of its unique design. This flip phone has amazing features just like any other on this list such as a 5 Megapixel camera and strong 3G connectivity, but it also has a small touchscreen area below the main screen that allows the user to have fine control over the menu options.

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