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Latest Press Release Cellhut Offers New Deals all The Time August 5, 2010 --
More than just an unlocked phone
 seller, Cellhut offers accessories of every type. From bluetooth headsets that will keep the conversation going even if your hands are busy, to battery extenders that ensure you won't be caught without more time to spare for a friend.
Cellhut is known for stocking the very latest mobile devices on the market and with that commitment comes the addition of Android phones to stock. If you're looking for the Galaxy S then Cellhut is the place to visit. Android is an operating system that balances power and usability in a way that consumers have never before experienced. Everything on the Android operating system runs smoothly, from the applications to the window-switching that is done with the swipe of a finger. Very much like the Apple iPhone the Android operating system is the wave of the future and anyone using it will taste what the coming years of technology have to offer. These and other unlocked phones are available from Cellhut's website: Motorola W7 Active Edition (Unlocked GSM Quadband) WITH 2GB MEMORY CARD for $119.99
The Motorola W7 Active Edition has now received a better look and has been announced according to gsmarena, and the Motorola W7 Active Edition features a new colour which is black. Spec wise the Motorola W7 Active Edition features a 2.2 QVGA display, 3G support, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, and microSD expansion slot. Samsung i200 (Unlocked TRIBAND) Windows Mobile 6.1 GSM CELL PHONE for $149.99
Samsung’s new candy bar is an exercise in minimalist design that doesn’t necessarily skimp on the features. The cool blue case exudes an attitude of calmness and gives off a very relaxing vibe. The keypad buttons have a great responsive sound and feel when pressed. There are six menu buttons above the keypad which let the user quickly get from screen to screen and are to be used in relation to making and ending calls. Though simplistic in design that doesn’t mean that the phone is any less deserving of your attention, as it can hold its own against fuller featured phones. The 2-Megapixel is fine for snapshots because the camera that this phone uses if of such a high quality that you’ll be able to view all the photos you take in great detail with the 2.3-inch QVGA screen. These and other unlocked phones are available from Cellhut at www.cellhut.com
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