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Latest Press Release Cellhut Launches Green Zone For Ways To Save Environment

March 5, 2010 -- There is no reason why business cannot incorporate cost and environment-saving initiatives in order to make everyone happier. Refurbished phones are a very special way of making sure that everyone has a place in making the environment a better place. People who want a new cell phone can simply sell or donate their old device so that someone else may be able to purchase theirs at a low cost. this avoids the problem of phones being discarded into the environment with little care as to how the technology affects the environment.

Cellhut is one of the most popular online resources for unlocked cellphones. With the lowest prices and most efficient customer service available, this is the company to purchase electronics from. The Green Aspect of the website is getting a upgrade with new Cellhut Launches Green Zone For Ways To Save Environment
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Below are some of the great deals featured on the website:

LG MG296 SILVER BLUE (Unlocked Triband) GSM Cell Phone

(US Version)

Set in a stylish form factor, the unlocked LG MG295 (unlocked) triband gsm world phone elegantly defies categorization with its combination of technology and easy to use physical capabilities. At first glance it seems as though there isn’t much tot his phone, but there is more than meets the eye with this device. Just because it looks to belong in a class of phone that doesn’t feature a vast array of features doesn’t mean that it can’t stand on its own. This tri-band phone weighs very little and is easy to carry around, making it the perfect back-up or primary handset.

LG KM900

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Cellhut Launches Green Zone For Ways To Save Environment
Arena Pink (Unlocked Quadband) Touchscreen Cell Phone


With its unique interface, the KM900 leads the current pack of mobile phones

Featuring the very latest in cell phone technology, this unlocked cell phone performs better than many other cell phones out there. This gladiator of an unlocked phone has a 5 Megapixel Camera that captures still images while retaining all of the visual quality. DVD quality video recording capabilities allow you to playback your favorite moments in real-time. This GSM phone also includes the ability to use Bluetooth.


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