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Latest Press Release Cellhut Delivers Low Prices On 3G Unlocked Phones For 2009 The New Year's celebration continues at Cellhut where the most sought after unlocked phones including ones that utilize 3G technology can be found at the lowest prices. 3G is the latest technology and will soon become the standard in phones. This new connection allows users to surf the internet at broadband speeds while still on their phone and experience internet on the go like never before.
Cellhut has been selling unlocked phones since 1996. No other company has seen the development of unlocked phones like Cellhut has. Cellphones have evolved from simple candybar devices to sleek touchscreen ones that multitask much like personal assistants. Cellhut is devoted to offering a thorough customer service team that can respond to any question posed.


There are three standout phones that deserve that will surely be big hits this spring. In order to ensure that website keeps up with the demand, Cellhut is working to make sure these items remain in stock and ready to ship at all times.

The Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic is available unlocked for $289.99. This 3G capable phone is one of the best ways to listen to music on the go. There is no need for an extra mp3 player with this phone and the included 3.5mm audio jack means that there is no need for an extra adapter in order to listen to music, just plug in and go. Some other great features of this phone include a 2 Megapixel Camera, the ability to expand memory up to 8 GB, and a Say and Play feature which allows for hands-free mp3 navigation.

The Nokia 6600 is available unlocked for $359.99.This phone brings a new sense of style to flip phones and the technology contained within. The glossy back of the phone is just one sign of luxury that this phone exudes. The keypad responds very easily which makes texting a breeze to do. Some other features of this phone include EDGE and 3G connectivity, a 2 Megapixel Camera, and long battery life.

The Nokia 5000 is available unlocked for $139.99. This easy to use phone represents the advantages of buying from Nokia. Design is first and foremost the primary concern of this phone and it certainly looks as though countless hours have been poured into making it look like nothing else on the market. Some great features include a great 1.3 Megapixel Camera, well laid-out buttons, included FM radio and mp3 player, and Bluetooth connectivity.

These and other unlocked phones including products from Blackberry, htc, lg, motorola, samsung, sony ericsson, and Apple can be found on the Cellhut website at www.cellhut.com