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Latest Press Release Cellhut’s Drive Safe Campaign Continues for One More Week
The e-commerce site Cellhut and its drive safe campaign which gives away from headsets will end in one week
Cellhut’s Drive Safe Campaign Continues for One More Week 
New York, NY, April 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The enormously successful “Drive Safe With Cellhut” campaign comes to an end in a little over a week on April 30, 2008. This program was launched as a way to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while holding on to a cell phone. Cellhut introduced this campaign with the special offer of giving away free headsets with a shipping price of $0.99 and a maximum of two allowed per household.

Cellhut has been in the business of selling unlocked cell phones since 1996 and is actively aware of the way society interacts with technology. Their business model emphasizes supreme customer service with an emphasis on making a positive impact on the customer’s life. A knowledgeable support staff and prompt responses are two hallmarks of this service. As an extension of this consideration Cellhut decided to use their company to increase awareness about how easy it is to use a headset and avoid the dangers of driving while holding a cell phone.

It is illegal to use a cell phone in New York State and many countries including France, Germany, and Russia. The dangers of driving while holding a cell phone are obvious and there is considerable evidence in support of the dangers while even talking on a cell phone. The technological dependant society we live in means that we rely on cell phones to conduct daily business so there is no chance of them ever disappearing. Cellhut has decided to take a stance on the issue and offer a free chance to better integrate technology into their lives.

Once again, the headsets are free aside from the $0.99 shipping charge, and a maximum of two are allowed per household. Check the website www.cellhut.com for more information.

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