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Latest Press Release CellHut Features CES 2009 Devices on the Website The Consumer Electronics Show has taken place in Las Vegas and played host to a variety of exciting new gadgets. The trade show was an opportunity for companies to promote their latest products and introduce the new technologies that will be powering them. In the mobile phone division Sony Ericsson and Palm released information about upcoming products that are definitely going to be big hits once they are released this year.

CellHut Stocks The Largest Selection Of Phones

CellHut has been selling unlocked cell phones since 1996. The company is devoted to offering its customers the latest in unlocked phones and accessories. In order to ensure that the website lists up and coming as well as already released products, the website team is always searching for news about Unlocked GSM Mobile Phones, and Unlocked Tri-Band Smartphones. Touchscreen Phones are currently the focus of the website, but Cellhut also incorporates 3G Phones as well.

Nokia N97 At Just $799.99

The Nokia N97 made a big splash at CES 2009 which its combination of Touch Screen and QWERTY technology. This enables users to decide how to input information. This phone is also considered an all-in-one, taking into account that it offers the fast Symbian Operating System that Nokia is famous for. CellHut has the item in pre-order status for $799.99.

- A large 3.5-inch touch display
- Personalized home screen
- 32GB of internal memory

Motorola’s Linux-Based Phone Emerges

The Motorola VE66 is a new slider phone that promises to offer a great combination of technology and style. With the added support of widgets, this device will certainly prove to be easy to use. The camera allows for video recording and it has the ability to autofocus as well. CellHut has the item in pre-order status for $499.99.

- 5-Megapixel camera
- 2.2-inch TFT display
- Wi-Fi connectivity

All these and more unlocked cell phones are available from the CellHut website at www.CellHut.com

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