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Axis 282A Bare Board Single Channel Video Server with Audio

Axis 282A Bare Board Single Channel Video Server with Audio

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The Axis Communications AXIS 282A is a bare board (OEM) video server for use in applications looking to incorporate it into an existing system or to build a new system around it. This ultra compact video server accepts a single fixed or dome camera CCTV camera and turns it into a virtual network camera complete with remote Internet viewing and recording, PTZ control and alarm I/O ports. Other notable features include simultaneous MPEG-4 and MJPEG streaming, built-in motion detection and network encryption.


Simultaneous M-JPEG & MPEG-4 Streaming (30 FPS):
Video is captured simultaneously in both the MPEG-4 and the MJPEG compression formats and at speeds up to 30 FPS. This gives a user the necessary control over how data is distributed over a network and also provides a user with the image clarity and smooth picture movement required to better identify people and objects.
De-Interlace Filter:
To further enhance video quality, this unit uses a de-interlace filter to eliminate motion blurring, color bleeding and other problems introduced when converting analog signals into digital.
Remote PTZ Control:
Working from a remote Internet location, a user can operate the pan, tilt and zoom function of an analog PTZ dome camera connected to the unit's serial port. In addition to these basic functions, this unit also supports more complex operations like preset positions, groups and tour programming.
Alarm I/O Ports:
As with a true network camera, this unit incorporates a number of alarm I/O ports to trigger alarm alerts and to activate devices following an alarm condition.
Built-In Motion Detection:
Built into the server is a motion detection function fully configurable for area and sensitivity. Motion detection not only alerts an operator to suspicious movement, but when used to trigger recording to a DVR, saves valuable time and network resources. To keep users apprised of all important events, this server can be set to send alarm alerts to a designated Email address over the network.
Secure Network Management:
An elaborate encryption and filtering system is incorporated to prevent hackers and other illicit network infiltrators from accessing the camera. Authorized users however will find it easy to access the camera for viewing images and for PTZ control, with a multi-user password system employed to determine the level of access for general clients and an administrator.

  • Axis 282A Bare Board Single Channel Video Server with Audio
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