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Latest Press Release Flag Day At Cellhut Is The Perfect Time To Save June 14, 2010 --
There at a lot of good reasons to shop at Cellhut and today there is a special reason. With Flag Day specials going on all day, there is no better time to get the new cellphone that you're been wanting. Form the more complicated devices which can do many tasks at once, to more simple phones that can be used right from the get go. Whatever the device that is needed for the moment, Cellhut has a solution for every situation.
Phones from the largest manufacturers are available. Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia, are just a few of the big names that are stocked at the website. To make sure that the customer has access to every kind of device available, the largest selection of phones can be found on the website. Phones that pack megapixel-power are just some of the examples of how far phone technology has come these days. The customer service department also makes a point to keep customers happy during every step of the ordering process. This means that at any time people can call in to ask questions regarding either their order or the product they are ordering. Below are some of the great Flag Day deals: Samsung E900 Black (Unlocked Triband) Camera, Bluetooth GSM Slider Cell Phone for $79.99
Samsung E900 Unlocked (t-mobile logo) has an elegant black design with innovative touch key for quick and easy control. This slider handset has been designed for simplicity and convenience. The SGH-E900’s intuitive dual interface automatically distinguishes music mode from talking mode. It illuminates only the necessary buttons for simple navigation and limits accidental button-pushing. This tri-band handset with EDGE multimedia technology features a 2 megapixel camera with 4x flash for still photos, video recording and video messaging. Motorola SLVR L7 Black (Unlocked Quadband) GSM CELL PHONE for $63.99 Amongst all the cutting-edge features there is a lot to like about this phone. The candybar design enables you to slip it easily into your pocket without having to worry if it is too big to carry around. This is one of the slimmest phones which gives it a heads up concerning other devices. The Quad-Band GSM technology packs in all the good stuff that connects you to people you care about. The microSD memory slot is perfect for storing lots of information on the device including media.
These and other deals can be found on the Cellhut website at www.cellhut.com, where you choose your phone, not your service.
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