Sony Z555i Diamond Pink (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone
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Sony Z555i Diamond Pink (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone

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A high performance entry phone


Sony shakes up the mobile world with this fashionable flip phone. The Z555 features a stunning design on the back of the phone that is sure to attract attention. Great patience was involved in the production of this phone because the diamond pattern on the back has a great aesthetic quality that breaks the mold of the traditional cell phone style.


The keypad is easy to use and will instantly feel comfortable in your hands. It’s got various menu buttons that will let you access different options within in the phone. Making a call or composing a text message has never been easier with the Z555.


This Tri-Band phone weighs only 95 grams and is 16.5mm thick, dimensions that will feel at home in your pocket. The 176 x 220 pixel display is bright and sharp and you won’t have any trouble reading the screen. The phonebook is large and the vibration option will notify you of calls without disturbing others.


EDGE connectivity and Bluetooth will keep you connected to a variety of peripherals. EDGE lets you download multimedia files with great ease, essentially giving you instant access to a whole library of files through the internet.


The 1.3 Megapixel camera is sharp and can shoot photos in 1280x1024 resolution resulting in super sharp pictures. Typically a low-end phone such as this won’t feature a camera this good, which goes to show you that Sony does everything they can to please the consumer.


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