Sony W880 / W800i Silver (Unlocked TriBand) Bar Cell Phone

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The Ericsson in fit form

Sony has been known to make phones with all the latest features, sometimes eschewing the latest designs in favor of packing in more technology. Well with the W880, Sony takes the common slim form that makes phones easy to handle and gives it all the powerful features that you would expect from the Ericsson line.


The color scheme of this phone is really eye catching and sure to draw attention when pulled out in a crowd. The front design is primarily white but with accents of orange on the central circle and logo at the bottom. The back of the phone is completely black which gives the phone a Halloween sort of mood. The buttons on the face are laid out in order to speed up the call making process. There are six graphical buttons around the center circle that allow navigating around the menu system to be a snap.


The features on this phone are quite amazing, and the fact that Sony is able to fit them within the 9.5mm body is another special feat. First you’ve got a 2 Megapixel camera which can take pictures in landscape or portrait mode and has extras such as night mode and self-timer. The picture quality on the photos is really striking, considering that the phone is so small. There is photo editing option which allows for such changes as light balance and red-eye removal. Utilizing the 3G technology you can upload your pictures directly from the phone to the internet.


This wouldn’t be an Ericsson phone if it didn’t have the Walkman 2.0 MP3 player capability, and the W880 really delivers in this area. The MP3 player supports such music files as MP3, WMA, AAC, and M4a so you never have to worry about changing the music formats. The loud speaker is loud enough to have it be the center of attention at a party and the proprietary mega bass software ensures that you don’t miss a single thump in sound.


Other amazing features include Bluetooth 2.0 support and Memory Stick expandability.



  • Sony Ericsson W880 W880i Silver (Unlocked)
  • Battery
  • Stereo headset HPM-80 with built in radio and board
  • Manual
  • USB-cable
  • Software
  • Charger (International charger + USA adapter)
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