Samsung Z510 Black (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone
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Samsung Z510 Black (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone

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Drive in the fast lane
Experience the speed and power of 3G in a breathtakingly elegant and compact design! Weighing in at just 138g, the 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 boasts 3G, video calling, video streaming, video messaging, Bluetooth® wireless technology and an MP3 player. Welcome to the fast lane of the information superhighway!

Colour screen
The introduction of colour screens has greatly improved mobile phone displays. The 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 uses a remarkable high-resolution 256k colour display. You can send and receive colour pictures, or even save your own colour images as a back ground wallpaper.

Share what you like
Thanks to the 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510s integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology and the IrDA interface, you can share information with other mobile phones or PCs effortlessly. And with 138 MB of end-user memory, the Z510 has enough space for the less serious side of 3G. Surprise your friends and colleagues for a change with video clips, films and music that are bang up to date!

Sounds amazing
The 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 uses the new hi-fi ring tone technology called "polyphonic". Its obvious that a great deal of research has gone into making the most of the amazing sound quality, the clarity and loudness of the sound at full volume simply defies belief.

Music player The 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510s integrated audio player means you can enjoy music in MP3, ACC, WMA and ACC+ quality, while its 64 polyphonic ringtones in 3-D are bound to make people sit up and take notice. And with the hands-free function on the Z510, you can tap along merrily to the music.

The 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 supports MMS (Multimedia Message Service) for Multimedia text messaging. This new technology allows you to send sounds, pictures, animations and formatted text in your message. These messages can then be exchanged between friends and family with MMS enabled mobile phones

Text Messaging
The illuminated graphical color display is easy to read and is also ideal for SMS text messaging, especially with its T9 predictive text input.

Be discreet
Shhh.. Be discreet and take advantage of its silent vibrating alert.

1.3 Mega-pixel
Take snapshots or short video clips in outstanding quality with the 1.3 mega-pixel swivel camera of the 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510. Whether day or night, the photo flash guarantees brilliant images every time, while the 2x digital zoom, the multi-shot function and photo caller ID feature supports all your needs. The crystal-clear 256K TFT LCD display, lets you marvel at your fantastic photos straight away.

Mobile Internet
Incorporating the latest technology for WAP 2.0 mobile internet, you can use WAP to access a range of information from the Internet, via your Z510's, high-resolution display, including news, travel and information.

As the 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), you will be able to take advantage of this virtually permanent data connection, and you will only be charged for the amount of data that you transfer, and not the amount of time that you're online.

Video Calling
Video Calling from 3 is live, two-way video communication between 3 customers, using your 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 mobile phone.
Video Calling makes communication both practical and fun because you can now see people and show objects, surroundings and activities in real time as you talk. Bluetooth
The 3G Vodafone Samsung Z510 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity which allows the phone to communicate with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, digital cameras and laptops without any wires and up to 10m away.

  • Samsung Z510 handset
  • Battery (BST4048BE)
  • Samsung PC Studio 3.0
  • Stereo Handsfree headset
  • Plug-in speaker
  • 2 pin UK charger (US Adaptor is included)
  • English manual (Hard Copy or CD)
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