Samsung Z170 Black/Silver (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone
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Samsung Z170 Black/Silver (Unlocked) GSM Cell Phone

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Suited up for the night

This phone gazes at you through the dark pearls of pitch-black eyes, and commands your attention. It’s not through intimidation that you feel helpless but the awe-inspiring design of the Samsung Z170 can only be behold by a person of strong will and fortitude.    


Samsung has pulled out all the stops with this phone in terms of design and it is being introduced as their top business phone. While its certainly true that if this phone were to be pulled out in the middle of a board room, all eyes would follow its graceful arc from the hand to the ear of its user, and thus make short work of any focus that the people in the room once had.


Like all business phones the unlocked Samsung Z170 has looks that are perfect for the office, but it also has a fun side. With interchangeable covers that can be replaced to match your mood.


This phone also stands out as one of the first to utilize 3G connectivity to download and transmit data at a very high speed. Conference calls, video streaming, movie and music downloads will not download any faster than they do on this phone.


The 1.3 Megapixel camera takes pictures at a very fine resolution and makes sure that years from now when look at the pictures you’ve shot you’ll still be able to make out all the details.


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  • 1 Samsung Z170 Phone
  • 1 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 Travel Charger
  • 1 Data Cable
  • 1 User's Manual
  • 1 CD Rom
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