Samsung U900 Soul PINK(Unlocked TRIBAND ) 5MP CAMERA,FM,GSM Cell Phone

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Trade in your soul for this one

Look deep into this phone and you might find the very essence of what makes cell phones great in it. Samsung hasn’t named it the “Soul” for nothing, because this phone has a sleek design and amazing features that transcend what other phones are capable of.


Initially it is hard to look past the beautiful design that this phone has, it looks like it could stand on its own as a museum piece. It has a slide out function that shoots the keypad out the bottom, and a touchpad in the middle. With the touchpad you can access a multitude of options which is easier than navigating with the buttons. The silver and black theme fits perfectly with the capabilities of the phone.


Features abound with this phone, and it has some of the best camera and connectivity options available in any phone. It’s got a 5Megapixel camera that ranks among one of the best camera phones on the market. It has all the features that you would expect from a high end phone such as autofocus, face detection, and image stabilization.


If listening to music is your pastime then you’ll be pleased to know that the Soul has a power amplifier under the name of ICEpower by Bang and Olufsen.


The U900 takes advantage of 3G connectivity which means that your calls will be crystal clear and surfing the web will be a seamless activity. The Soul takes everything into account and even includes a MicroSD slot for expandability if the included 128MBs aren’t enough.


The standard features that allow you to connect to a variety of appliances. Bluetooth connectivity means that you can use any headset that is Bluetooth certified. With the USB 2.0 connectivity you’ll be able to quickly bring files to and from the computer.

  • Samsung U900 Soul Unlocked
  • Manual
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Headset
  • CD ROM
  • Data cable
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