Samsung I750 (Unlocked) with WEP-180
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Samsung I750 (Unlocked) with WEP-180

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The i750 features a slider form factor. The chief benefit of this factor besides looking cool and appealing to nearly every one is that it saves space. The keypad slides behind the screen and mostly it is the length which is a hindrance during storage not the width. However appearances may be deceptive. At 150 grams the i750 is nearly as heavy as the SonyEricsson P910i which is a PDA cum phone. Like the P910i the i750 will have a touchscreen. The phone will have Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Operating system and the touchscreen display will be 65,000 colors. The Windows OS gives the user additional liberties. The handset is equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera with flash and video. As with any software from Microsoft to run perfectly requires memory and is certainly resource hungry, the i750 should satisfy its thirst with 128 Mb of flash memory ; 64 Mb SD RAM and in addition an expansion slot (T-Flash) which is the latest thing in the market. Expect future handsets to move to T-flash, SD and MMC will soon be a thing of the past.

The i750 will have EDGE capability in addition to its tri-band GSM services. Presence of Microsoft OS gives it the Windows Media player which plays a number of different multimedia file formats. Instant messaging, Email, Bluetooth, WLAN are some of the other things that the i750 will have the right to boast. A complete HTML browser gives the user immense satisfaction while browsing the net and Sync ML compatiblity means that it will be extremely easy to maintain email accounts and work between the PC and the mobile work station that the i750 can be used as.

The photographs have been digitally synthesised which shows that the handset has not yet had a prototype built. If that is really the case then except some minor changes in specificatiosn as well as appearance by the time of release. Again getting a touchscreen to the market is fraught with problems and there might be delays. However one thing's for sure, even after a nominal delay, the i750 will still be a power to reckon with due to its extremely impressive functionality.

  • Samsung I750 Unlocked with WEP-180
  • 2 X Stylus
  • Car Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Stereo Headset
  • Desktop Charging Cradle
  • TV I/O Cable
  • Standard Battery
  • Travel Charger + US Adapter
  • English Manuals on CD, PDF
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