Samsung F400/F406 BLACK (Unlocked TriBand) Slider GSM Cell Phone
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Samsung F400/F406 BLACK (Unlocked TriBand) Slider GSM Cell Phone

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Samsung has really struck gold with this design. The F400 is a slider phone that takes the typical slide design and gives it a unique twist. For example the color scheme is almost completely black with silver highlights and gives the F400 a great style.


Almost all phones come with a speaker that you can use to listen to music or apply the speakerphone option. Sadly, the speakers equipped with those phones are of sub-par quality and when the volume is turned up to a certain level the sound quality falters. The F400 utilizes stereo speakers and an amplifier by Bang and Olufsen.


The F400 is part of a new wave of phones riding the 3G wave of technology. Using this connection in Europe ensures that the calls you make will be crystal clear and that surfing the web will be speedy.


Since this is a multimedia phone it sure doesn’t skimp on the features that you would expect from a phone being branded that way. There is a 3-Megapixel camera which makes sure that the pictures you take are full of detail. Since using this camera is so much fun you’ll never want to stop taking pictures, thankfully with the USB 2.0 connection you can download all your favorite photos to the computer and free up the hard disk on the phone. With MicroSD expandability you can insert a card in phone to increase the number of photos you can have on the phone without stopping by the computer.


The F400 has all the standard features a multimedia phone should, but gives them its own high-end spin.




  • Samsung F400 Unlocked
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Headset
  • CD-ROM
  • Data Cable
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