Samsung F330 Ice White (Unlocked) GSM CELL PHONE
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Samsung F330 Ice White (Unlocked) GSM CELL PHONE

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Samsung’s SGH-F330 offers a slick and slim way for trendy users to experience complete music and phone functionality on their mobile. Enjoy a 100% music experience and a 100% phone experience, without compromising on either. Whether you are making a call or listening to your tunes, now you can do it with style!

• Two-tone color scheme offer distinct looks: icy white for music; white and blue for calling
• Measuring only 103 x 48 x 13.5 mm, the slim slider fits comfortably in the hand or pocket
• 2.1” large display disappears into the fully reflective glossy surface for a sleek and uncluttered look
• Menu keypad offers a combination of touch and tactile keys for navigation

Music Player
F330 Music Player

• Embedded music player supports multi-codecs for playback of all your music files
• MTP / WMDRM / Music Recognition enrich your experience using MP3 player
• External microSD memory, expandable up to 4GB, offers flexible storage options for up to 600 songs or over 12,000 images

F330 Camera

• Embedded 2MP camera and VGA camera let you take high quality photographs, even of yourself and enjoy video telephony; send a smile over the phone lines, and get one back
• Digital Zoom takes closer, more detailed photos when you need to

Music-Dedicated Design
F330 Music-Dedicated Design

• Music hotkey is conveniently located on the front and sides for easy and direct access to your tunes
• Navigation keypad and the music logo on the hotkey shows that you and F330 are serious about music
• Enhanced and updated graphics look similar to the GUI of dedicated music players

HSDPA / Podcasting
F330 HSDPA / Podcasting

• Enjoy speeds as fast as 3.6 Mbps; download large files quickly, stream video and hold video conversations
• Fully equipped with podcasting, this mobile allows you to receive your favorite podcasts without a computer
• Podcasting brings the world to your mobile, so that you can access it whenever and wherever you want

FM Radio with RDS
F330 FM Radio with RDS

• FM radio provides free access to the latest music and most up-to-date news and information
• Auto and manual tuning helps you find the station you want
• Radio Data System (RDS) offers information such as station ID, radio show name, song title, artist, etc. as you listen

  • Samsung F330 Ice White Unlocked
  • Batter
  • Charger
  • Headset
  • Manual
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