Samsung B2100 ORANGE (Unlocked Quadband) Waterproof GSM Phone
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Samsung B2100 ORANGE (Unlocked Quadband) Waterproof GSM Phone

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Samsung B2100 Xplorer  Unlocked

The Samsung B2100 was released in the market in the month of April 2013. It was released as a basic model, and has basic features like SMS, Calling, Radio, Bluetooth etc.

Hardware and Software

The Samsung B2100 is a very basic phone model and runs on a Java based operating system. The memory of the device can be expanded up to 4 GB of storing media such as video and audio. It is a fact worth nothing that inserting a MicroSD card would become a compulsion, as the internal storage provided is 4 MB, which is extremely low. You can also keep the call records and the phonebook is available, and you can store up to 1000 phonebook entries. A 3.5 mm jack slot is given for the people can employ the use of headphones.

Design and display

The phone weighs just 102.8 grams and has the dimensions of 113 x 48.9 x 17.4 mm. The user has to insert a mini SIM inside the phone to make it function. The screen size of the device is 1.77 inches, with a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels. The screen to body ratio is 17.6% with a pixel density of 113 ppi.

Camera & Battery

There is a 1.3 MP rear-facing camera available in the Samsung B2100 for clicking photographs, capable of taking photos of 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution. A 1000 mAh battery can be found used in the device, and being a basic phone model, the battery can last the device 1-2 days.

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