Nokia N92 (unlocked) with car charger
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Nokia N92 (unlocked) with car charger

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Whether you're a TV aficionado or a sporadic viewer, you'll soon be able to watch your favorite shows on your device. The Nokia N92 works in conjunction with Digital Video Broadcast Handheld (DVB-H*) technology to deliver live digital TV broadcasts on the move. The large 2.8" screen is equipped with 16 million colors for the optimum TV viewing experience. * DVB-H is only applicable where service is available. Please check with your network operator or service provider.

The Nokia N92 is fully equipped with distinctive keys that can be used for easy navigation and control. Just like your home TV, you can access a program guide and channel finder. That way you'll be able to find the shows you want to watch easily. Or record your favorites and save them for later. Another great benefit: no more fights over the remote.

This device is truly the best of all worlds. It not only receives live TV, but it also has a 2 megapixel camera and video recorder. So when you're not watching your favorite programs, you could be creating them. Direct your own reality show and then send it to friends at broadband speeds. Or use digital zoom and integrated flash to take pictures and print them at home. Now that's entertainment.

Everything sounds better from stereo speakers. And the Nokia N92 is no different. This device not only features a high quality stereo sound, but it also comes equipped with a built-in music player and FM radio. Plus, you'll be able to download songs to your device from the Internet at broadband speeds. Now that should be music to your ears.

The Nokia N92 lets you transfer video content by accessing the Internet via WLAN or transferring from your compatible PC to your device using USB 2.0. Access interactive TV services to vote 'live' and download your favorite shows on-demand. *Option enhancements are available separately. Together with an in-built music player, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera, video recorder and video call capability, the Nokia N92 is your easy-to-use, compact entertainment package.

  • 1 Nokia N92 Phone with car charger
  • 1 Li-ion Battery BL-5B
  • 1 User Manual (Hard Copy or CD)
  • 1 Travel Charger
  • 1 Charger Adapter (International Charger + US Adapter)
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