Nokia N75 Black (Unlocked Quadband) RECONDITIONED GSM Cell Phone

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A flip phone packed with technology

With the N75 you’ve got the coolest flip phone that Nokia carries. Buttons abound on this phone not only when the phone is flipped open, but also when the phone is shut. The three multimedia buttons on the top of the phone control the music player.


But lets not jump into the many multimedia features that this phone has, because we would overlook the sleek styling and connectivity features that make the unlocked N75 such a fantastic addition to Nokia’s line. Quad-band 2G bandwidths keep you connected with a strong signal, and dual-band 3G bandwidths give you crystal clear signals and data streams.


There is a directional nub smack dab in the middle of the phone that lets you navigate the various menus. Surrounding that are a couple levels of buttons for increased detail in your choices. The call and call end buttons are predictably set off to the left and right where they perform their prescribed tasks and then its up to the number pad below the multitude of menu buttons to dial in calls.


There is a MicroSD slot that will enable you to store an unlimited amount of information on the phone. Though there is a small amount of memory included with the phone to truly realize the N75’s potential you’ll need to use the phone as your dedicated mp3 player.


A 2 Megapixel camera will take care of all your photography needs with a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. There is also a video taking option which will prove beneficial in recording precious moments.


The unlocked Nokia N75 is available from Cellhut at the website www.cellhut.com


  • Nokia N75 Smartphone 3G / EDGE (unlocked)
  • Charger
  • Charger adapter
  • Battery
  • User Manual
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