Nokia 5220 XpressMusic (Unlocked Triband) GSM Music Phone
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Nokia 5220 XpressMusic (Unlocked Triband) GSM Music Phone

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Nokia get into the swing of things with the 5220 Xpress Music phone: the ultimate music phone. This stylish phone gives you all the features you need to get your music on the phone and rocking to your favorite tunes.  The great design of this phone make you feel out of place if used as an mp3 player, in fact people will probably be asking you where you got that cool gadget.


The keypad is reliably easy to use and has buttons that will speed up the process of navigating throughout the menu system. Every aspect of the Nokia 5220 is included to ensure that your time with the 5220 is well spent and not wasted on superfluous tasks.


The Xpress Music software is really the highpoint of the phone and it is really the selling point. With this application you’ll be able to browse the artists and songs that have been uploaded on the phone. Typically a phone will rely on bland software to get this done, but Nokia makes sure that since this is the main attraction of the phone, it doesn’t disappoint.


Finally the most important aspect of the phone is the 3.5mm headphone jack. This little addition does away with the endless amount of headaches that are caused by using an adapter to connect headphones. This phone allows you to connect any pair of headphones in a snap and will have you listening to music in no time.
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