Motorola Z6 Rizr Unlocked and H-800
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Motorola Z6 Rizr Unlocked and H-800

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Motorola MOTO Z6 Something old, something new

Motorola has always been on the cutting edge of cell phone design. With their Razr, Krzr, and oddly fashionable Pebl lines, the goal of bringing new cell phone designs to keep customers intrigued is something that Motorola can be counted on doing. Now with the Z6, they have combined all the best aspects of past phones in a spectacular package that is rounded out by great features.


Not only does this phone have a stylish design that is sure to turn heads, but the slide system works smoothly and will ensure that you have access to the keypad within seconds. The body of the phone is covered in a serene gray color, giving off a pensive aura that belies the fact that the phone has so many fun features.


Multimedia and unlimited connectivity

The Z6 is fully compatible with Windows Media Player 11, the newest incantation of one of the most popular media players online. Unlimited space to store your files can be had with the MicroSD slot that holds up to 4 Gigs of memory. The USB 2.0 connection ensures that the speed at which you download from your computer to your phone is at the highest speed. And with DRM management, you’ve got ultimate control over your media library.


So the Z6 has got your music tastes covered, but it also lets you take great pictures and video. The integrated 2 Megapixel ensures that the pictures you shoot will come out in the sharpest quality. The camera also allows you to take video at a decent 14 fps.


Finally the connectivity to wireless signals outside of normal coverage zones is unprecedented. The Z6 easily latches on to GSM and WLAN networks making sure that when you’re talking to someone you’re, hearing them clearly. With this dual compatibility, whether at home or at work, the Z6 works with you to make sure your conversations are intelligible.

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  • Motorola Rizr Z6 Unlocked and H-800
  • Travel Charger (International + USA Adapter)
  • standard Battery
  • English Manuals (Booklet or CD)
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