Motorola T815 Smartphone-Based Navigation System

Motorola T815 Smartphone-Based Navigation System

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Find your way without missing a call with the latest navigation device from Motorola.  The Motorola Smartphone-Based Navigation System T815 featuring MOTONAV adds turn-by-turn GPS navigation to a compatible Bluetooth® enabled smartphone.¹  Whether you need the nearest pharmacy or the hottest new club, the T815 will help you find your way.  Complete with turn-by-turn spoken directions and maps on screen with visual directions to your destination, the T815 is a necessity for pedestrians and motorists alike.  When you’re traveling light the T815 will not bulk you up – so compact it will fit into your pocket.  Not only does the T815 make it easy to find directions – it makes it easy to get started.  Included when you purchase the new navigation system is a car charger for long road trips, a phone holder, flexible mounting options and a memory card with the MOTONAV solution. 

Just add a Smartphone and GO!
The Motorola T815 won’t leave you hanging! The T815 comes complete with a car charger, phone holder, visor clip, dash mount and MOTONAV service on a memory card to guide you to your destination.  Just add a compatible Bluetooth enabled smartphone and you’re ready to go!¹

Navigation Station
With Motorola’s MOTONAV technology, the T815 will simply take you to where you need to be.  With door-to-door directions, the T815 finds the best route to your destination and gets you back on track if you miss a turn.  Not only will the device speak to you slowly and clearly, it will also show you where you are on the map.  Providing you with the ability to look for points of interest, the T815 will help you find the nearest movie theater, hotel or restaurant. MOTONAV helps you find updated traffic information and will even save and manage your favorite locations so you don’t have to convert anything to memory – it will do it for you.   Ensuring that you get where you got to go, the T815 even has a night lighting mode to make it easy to see the map during the dark hours.

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