Motorola A1200 Black (Unlocked tri-band) Touchscreen Cell Phone
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Motorola A1200 Black (Unlocked tri-band) Touchscreen Cell Phone

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Motorola A1200 Black (Unlocked Quadband) Delux Pack Touchscreen Cell Phone
This is a wonderful Linux PDA-phone specifically invented by the leader in mobile communication devices, Motorola. It comes with superb technology, awesome features and amazing performances. The phone has a QVGA touchscreen and a 2 megapixel camera. This phone is also special because it comes with a music player, Bluetooth, FM radio, a business card reader and a document viewer. The best part about this phone is its amazing design. The transparent cover looks super cool and serves the purpose of protecting the cover. In fact, people have started commenting on the cool cover look of this phone. It’s really awesome.

As soon as you flip open the phone, you are greeted by a huge 2.4 inch touchscreen that sports a fabulous 240 x 320 resolution. The best part is that it supports fabulous 262,000 colors. The stylus included in this phone allows the user to control all the menus of the unit efficiently. The functions are easy to operate and also offer a Linux-based interface to allow you navigate between various functions such as document, entertainment, contact and many others easily. Below the display, you will find two control buttons with a navigation joystick. Another fantastic feature of this phone is the microSD card expandability that allows you to add about 1GB of extra storage to the device, this is great for storing a lot of games, movies and important documents.

You would also find a standard 2.5mm headset jack in conjunction with a built-in mini-USB connector. This will facilitate your to connection with the phone to your computer or any other device. The vibration mode will help you to receive calls without the need to bother anyone. Weighing just 4.30 ounces and measuring 3.77 x 2.04 x 0.85 inches, the phone is the best choice for anyone who want the best out of mobile communication device. It is equipped with a lithium ion battery to provide 7.4 hours of digital talk time and a marvelous 170 hours of digital standby time. This mobile phone runs on the following GSM / GPRS frequencies:

  1. 900 MHz
  2. 1800 MHz

  3. 1900 MHz

This fabulous Linux PDA phone features a touchschreen as an input device and is capable of recognizing normal Chinese or English handwriting. The 2 megapixel camera allows you to take amazing photographs. The best part is that the mobile phone by Motorola comes with a one year limited warranty.

  • Motorola A1200 Unlocked - Black
  • Battery
  • Stylus
  • AC Charger (International + US Adapter)
  • User Manual (CD or Hard Copy)
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