LG KS360 Black and Red (Unlocked Triband) QWERTY GSM Cell Phone
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LG KS360 Black and Red (Unlocked Triband) QWERTY GSM Cell Phone

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Packing the perfect QWERTY


The LG KS360 is a simple phone to use but yields big results. The main attraction here is the QWERTY slide out keyboard which can be used to enter text and email messages. There is really no area in which this phone doesn’t perform well. From the multitude of menu buttons on the front of the phone to the easy to use call and end buttons on the side. Everything about the KS360 is about simplicity.


The 16.8mm width makes the phone very portable and easy to carry around and it also has a touchscreen for dialing made easy. These are just a few of the great features to be found on this phone.


Would it be too much to call it an all-in-one phone? Maybe, because it doesn’t include some vital features, but it certainly has everything you’ll need in day to day operations.


The phonebooks has room for lots of contacts and the MicroSD slot hold card up to 4 Gigabytes. The LG KS360 is all about expandability and offers lots of options for the user to customize the phone to their own liking.


Naturally there are Bluetooth and USB connections, but there is also a 2 Megapixel Camera included with the phone.


I think it’s time in this description to give a little information on the amazing QWERTY keyboard that slides out of the phone. Most phones will give the user a slide-out keyboard and leave it at that. The KS360 delivers a QWERTY to put all others to shame. This keyboard has got menu buttons all over it and a letter layout that is similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick.


Overall, this is a very powerful phone with simple features that any cell phone user would be happy to use.


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