LG KS10 Black Slider (Unlocked Tri-Band) 3G GSM Cell Phone

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The LG KS10 is a fashion conscious multimedia handset which is an Internet browsing focused 3G phone. The handset comes complete with Symbian operating system complete with Internet browsing with Google. The overall look of the handset is sleek & smooth. The handset is dominated by the large 2.4 Inch colour screen which displays up to 262,000 colours on a high resolution screen. The LG KS10 is a slide opening handset which provides the user with a smooth keypad when in the slide open position & when closed the user can use the navigation tool & designated external keys. The handset weighs 73 grams which provides the user with a lightweight 3G capable handset & the compact dimensions of the handset make it easy for the user to carry in their pocket.

The super 3G phone comes with a Symbian operating system version 9.2 & with S60 user interface v ersion 3.1. The phone comes with tri band technology which covers GSM 900, 1800 & 1900. The user can connect to the Internet & enjoy Google maps, Gmail & Google blogger. The user can connect to compatible devices using either a USB connection, infra red or Bluetooth® wireless technology. The phone supports Bluetooth® technology which allows the user to connect without the use of cables to any compatible Bluetooth® device within a ten meters. The KS10 supports 3G HSDPA techno which provides the user with a fast multi tasking & video calling handset. The user can use the 3G video calling feature to enjoy a face to face call with compatible 3G video calling contacts. The phone comes with 80 Mbytes of built in memory & the user can expand their phones memory by adding a MicroSD™ memory card.

  • LG KS10 Black (Unlocked)
  • Travel Charger
  • Manual
  • English and Arabic keypad.
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