LG HB620T / KB620T Black (Unlocked Triband) DVB-H or DVB-T TV receiver

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From LG Electronics, the HB620T is a standard sized flip-phone offering new technology in mobile TV capabilities for the European/Asian market. Users will find that the phone includes many typical features, but stands out for its innovation with DVB-T technology.The LG HB620T is typical in size for a clamshell (flip) phone at 88.5 x 54.9 x 17.9 mm. The device weighs in at a light 110 grams. In order to provide DVB-T capabilities, the device features a highly visible antenna in the back, which some users may find unsightly, although it does not significantly add to the device's overall size.
While the majority of phones capable of receiving television programming make use of DVB-H technology, LG has chosen to equip the HB620T with DVB-T technology. For European users, this selection means greater availability of Mobile TV broadcasts as well as cost-free viewing.
One of the primary differences between phones equipped with DVB-H technology and those, like the HB620T, equipped with DVB-T technology is the shift between frequencies that DVB-T requires and DVB-H does not. As a DVB-T receiver moves between transmitters, it will need to re-scan to find the correct frequency.Users looking for a unique display screen option will be pleased with the HB620T's 2 inch TFT screen. The device's display offers 256K colors and 320 x 240 pixels. Rather than orienting the screen in the typical clamshell tall (or portrait) configuration, LG has flipped the display on its side, offering a wide (landscape) orientation for maximum compatibility with TV viewing.
While the screen orientation is useful, users may lament the relatively small size of the primary display screen, as other devices featuring television-viewing capabilities dwarf the LG HB620T in screen size by as much as .8 inches.
The HB620T also features a secondary external TFT display screen with 65K colors. The secondary display screen boasts 96 x 34 pixels of resolution.A 2 MP camera is included with the device, providing 1600x1200 pixel photography. Capturing video is also possible with the phone's built-in camera.

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