HTC Wildfire S Silver (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone
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HTC Wildfire S Silver (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone

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HTC Wildfire S (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone

If you had the HTC Desire, the HTC Wildfire S is a cheaper and a down sized version of it. But although it is an average phone, the HTC Wildfire S is still with a lot of options better and cost effective too.

Product features of the HTC Wildfire S
1. Has a touch display with 3.2"
2. QVGA 320 X 480px.
3. Excellent brightness
4. 5MP digital camera
5. Loud speaker grill
6. LED flash.
7. Wildfire digicam
8. Good for single handed usage
9. Low price
10. Solid grip
11. Plastic back cover

Amazing quality of the HTC Wildfire S
1. Has a microSD slot
2. Has a micro-USB port
3. Double the number of pixels
4. Photos taken are clear and crisp
5. Onscreen keyboard

Budgeted delights with the HTC Wildfire S
1. Various connectivity options with the HTC Wildfire S
2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
3. GPS
5. FM radio
6. HTC Sense UI embedded in the HTC Wildfire S
7. Runs on Gingerbread

What customers have to say about the HTC Wildfire S
“A very user friendly phone and allows you to connect to social networking sites in a jiffy and on the go. You can unlock the phone if your subscription is over and done with, and use GSM facilities in any part of the world. Unlocking the HTC Wildfire S is not a tough task and you can get in touch with the service provider to know your IMEI code to do so.”

“When you unlock the HTC Wildfire S, any service provider of your dreams can be used on this phone and along with a tariff plan that would suit you the best. What you would love about the HTC Wildfire S is the multi-window browsing capabilities it provides.”
“Plenty of user friendly features on the HTC Wildfire S, and it make customizable content for happy occasions to. You can wish or greet callers for their birthdays the moment they call and moreover, almost all SIM providers are doling out handsets along with their tariff offers, which only go to show how hot and popular the HTC Wildfire S is”

In conclusion
without a doubt has the HTC Wildfire S for you to pick up. If you would like similar phones which are cost effective and pocket friendly, along with simple features to use and have fun owning a phone that understands you, come along and let us show you a range to be spoilt and pampered with.

  • HTC Wildfire 2 (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone
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