DATAPILOT cell phone data transfer suite

DATAPILOT cell phone data transfer suite

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DataPilot is an advanced cell phone sync software solution that allows end-users to manage their contact information, access the Internet and check e-mails while on the go, personalize their mobile phone with ring tones and images and stay in sync with their appointments in Outlook or Outlook Express. DataPilot provides an all-in-one cell phone software solution for Phone Book Manager, Internet Data Connect, Ringtone Composer, Image Editor, SMS Manager and Calendar. It supports over 200 different handsets in the market, including the most popular ones.

Data Pilot Benefits:- DataPilot is one central location for your cell phone, contact management software, and PDA contacts that you can carry anytime, anywhere. One click sync of the list brings you all the contacts in your cellular phone in seconds No more hassle punching in all those numbers! Now you can conveniently add, edit and delete cell phone numbers from your computer with easy sync to your cell phone.

Lost your cell phone and all of your contacts are gone? DataPilot backs up all contact information for easy retrieval of your most important data.

Thought about upgrading your cell phone but you don't want to re-type all your numbers in by hand? DataPilot transfers your contact data from one cell phone to another with just one click.

Always on time at your appointments? Stay in sync with your schedule in Outlook or make your own calendar from your PC and sync it to your cell phone.

On the road and still working? Now, you can access your e-mail and Internet on the go, by setting up your cell phone as a wireless modem .

Guess who's calling? DataPilot brings your favorite ring tones and pictures into your cell phone so you can assign a different sound and picture for any contact in your phone book. Now you know who is calling .

No way to retrieve the pictures you've taken with your camera phone? For select models, DataPilot enables you to transfer your pictures to your cell phone via the data cable included. Once on your PC, you can edit and send them by e-mail to your family, friends or colleagues .

  • Installation CD
  • Data Transfer Cables
  • PDF User Manual on CD
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