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Asst Director [ Gina ] The case fit my laptop exactly It arrived quickly and in excellent condition I would do business with this company again
MacBook Pro SPECK case 2006 Core Duo [ 104410781086109610911072 ] I was very pleased to find this case for such a great price I also very much enjoyed the time it took to ship to my location 1 day Great product and great service
System admin [ jago plant ] Fastmailing and with no problems J
Ms [ Dina Smith ] Cell Hut is a great company to shop with They make the whole process quite easy They also have a great stock of phones
awesome [ peter ] you are awesome i m very impressed with your stock of unlocked phones
Cell Phone User [ Stan ] Excellent service My original cell phone order was received damaged, and Rachael of Customer Service was very helpful and quick to respond to my problems The RMA process worked well, and I wouldnt hesitate to order from them again Thank you Rachael, and thank you CellHut
review [ Travis ] I just got home and received my "speck" older model MacBook Pro hard plastic case Awesome Ill recommend everyone I know that has to buy laptop or cell accessories to you the product was perfect and snapped on in seconds Im extremely happy with the timeliness and ease of service please foreward me any specials or products that you have for either the older model pre 10 MBP or iPhone - I cant wait to let people in FL know about your company 50 less than Amazon way to go
monk [ robert s ] ordered a refurbished cell it came clean and timely no fuss-no muss thanx, bob
keep it up [ iphonelovers ] Just very good services so please keep that up
Samsung Phone [ Jesse ] Timely delivery Very satisfied with the order