Cellboost Disposable Chargers, LG1

Cellboost Disposable Chargers, LG1

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Compact Power Systems, Inc. presents the Cellboost disposable battery charger for cell phones, a product that is not an accessory but a necessity. With models that fit the world's most prevalently used cellular handsets, the Cellboost battery provides approximately 60 minutes of talk time and 60 hours of standby time, targeting each different consumer market and addressing the needs of those markets perfectly, all in a product that fits in your pocket. As phone technology increases and multi-purpose phone usage expands, and as handsets now incorporate color displays and other features that rapidly exhaust battery power, actual cellular phone batteries are far behind today's phone's needs. The industry is looking for an answer and applying new battery technologies to address this, but virtually all industry analysts agree that solutions are still a long way off, except for the unique Cellboost. The primary markets for Cellboost include the business market, with its increasing mobile needs and functions, and the youth market, which exploits the expanding free minute programs and new popular phone features available. However virtually all mobile users have a need for Cellboost and the safety and security it provides for any emergency situation. The unique charging means of the Disposable Cellboost battery has a patented method of providing instant talktime and charging of cellular phones. The energy is disposed via "quick-charge" means, allowing Cellboost's full power to be transferred to your phone's battery in a short period of time. This allows instant re-connection for your phone and instant peace of mind for you!

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